Note: In Figure (a), bars show the percentage of fossil fuel produced by one country as a share of world production over the 1988–2017 period, per category of fuel and for the world’s top 30 fossil fuel (FF) producers. Other maps – Figures (b-h) – show the number of times a specific supply-side constraint initiative was taken by a country during 1988–2017. Fossil fuel (FF) production volumes were sourced from the Energy Information Agency, with conversion factors used to bring all fossil fuels into Metric Ton of Oil Equivalent (MTOE), and then converted to a percentage of global production for each of the three fossil fuel categories.

divestments (1988 - 2021)

Blockades (1988 - 2021)

litigation (1988 - 2021)

Moratoria & Bans (1988 - 2021)

subsidy removals (1988 - 2021)

cARBON TAXES (1988 - 2021)

emissions trading schemes (1988 - 2021)

Number of initiatives adopted between 1988 and 2021 by instrument